The meaning of energy

We call the source of energy energy, which is a natural resource and its transformants that can provide humans with some form of energy. In other words, natural resources that can provide energy in the form of mechanical energy, thermal energy, electrical energy, and chemical energy under certain conditions are called energy sources.

Energy is in various forms and can be converted to each other. Energy Source

Also known as energy resources or energy resources, it is a material resource that can provide some form of energy for humans in nature, and the material or movement of matter that can provide a certain form of energy can be called energy. Energy is a variety of resources obtained directly or through processing and conversion to obtain useful energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, wind energy, hydropower, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, ocean energy, nuclear energy and other energy directly obtained from nature. And the energy obtained through processing and conversion such as electricity, heat, and refined oil. In addition, it also includes other new energy and renewable energy.