World energy supply and consumption trends

With the development of the world economy and society, the distribution and concentration of world energy reserves will continue to increase in the future, and the demand will continue to increase. The competition for energy resources between countries will become increasingly fierce, and the way of competition will become more complicated. The competition for energy will cause conflicts. Or the possibility of war still exists.

In addition, with the increase in world energy consumption, the emission of environmental pollutants is increasing year by year. The impact of fossil energy on the environment and the global climate will become increasingly serious.

Faced with these challenges, the world’s energy supply and consumption will develop in the direction of diversification, cleanliness, high efficiency, globalization and marketization in the future.

(1) Diversification
The world energy structure has experienced the era of fuelwood, coal, oil and natural gas. At the same time, hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, and solar power are also being used more widely. Sustainable development, environmental protection, energy supply costs and structural changes in available energy determine the pattern of global energy diversification. In the future, while developing conventional energy, new energy and renewable energy will receive attention.

(2) Globalization
Due to the uneven distribution of world energy resources and demand, many countries and regions increasingly need to rely on the supply of resources from other countries or regions. Major energy producing countries and energy consuming countries will actively participate in the globalization of energy supply and demand markets. , The volume of world trade will increase.

(3) Clean
With the progress of the world’s new energy technologies and the increasingly stringent environmental protection standards, the world’s energy will further develop in the direction of cleanness in the future, and the proportion of clean energy in the total energy consumption will gradually increase. At the same time, clean coal technology, biogas technology, biodiesel technology, etc. will make breakthroughs and be widely used.

Some countries will make every effort to develop nuclear power. They believe that nuclear power is an efficient and clean energy source that can solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

(4) High efficiency
With the progress of new energy technologies in the world, the world’s energy utilization efficiency will increase day by day, and energy intensity will gradually decrease. The energy intensity gap between developing countries and developed countries in the world is large, and there is a huge potential for energy saving.

(5) Marketization
With the increasing marketization of energy utilization in the world, governments of various countries have less and less direct interference in energy utilization, and the role of governments in serving the energy market is correspondingly increased. It is improving the energy laws and regulations of various countries and regions. In terms of providing a good energy market environment, the role of macro-control will be better played.